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Rural development
Policy seminar
Growth, Structural Transformation, and Rural Change in Vietnam: A Rising Dragon on the Move
5 August 2015
Central Institute for Economic Management, Main Hall, 68 Phan Dinh Phung Str. Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Past event
Research Brief
Children’s nutrition status in Mozambique: Determining the impact of rising food prices

Evidence obtained from detailed household surveys in Mozambique during the 2008-09 food price shock reveals just how pronounced the impact of food price inflation can be on children’s overall nutrition status...

Agriculture Children Food security
Research Brief
Burkina Faso – growth without poverty reduction

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa, poor in natural resources, and with low levels of human development. Its economy remains agricultural and focused on food crops and cotton production...

Agriculture Equality and inequality Food security
African Youth and the Persistence of Marginalization: Employment, politics, and prospects for change

The much heralded growth and transformation of many economies in sub-Saharan Africa over the last decade continues to receive prominent attention in academic scholarship and among policy practitioners...

Discrimination in employment Economic development Rural development
How to Achieve Structural Transformation in Developing Economies? — An Interview with C. Peter Timmer

In this interview C. Peter Timmer, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, reflects on the conditions of possibility of structural transformation in developing countries, particularly in Africa...

Economic growth Equality and inequality Income distribution
Journal Article
Can Cities or Towns Drive African Development?: Economywide Analysis for Ethiopia and Uganda

Rapid urbanization is an important characteristic of African development and yet the structural transformation debate focuses on agriculture’s relative merits without also considering the benefits from urban agglomeration...

Economic development Gross national product Poverty
Working Paper
Did Rapid Smallholder-Led Agricultural Growth Fail to Reduce Rural Poverty?: Making Sense of Malawi’s Poverty Puzzle

Disappointment was widespread when rapid economic growth since 2005, coupled with a smallholder-targeted fertilizer subsidy program, failed to significantly reduce poverty in Malawi...

Equality and inequality Poverty measurement Rural development
Working Paper
Transfers for Extreme Poverty Reduction: Implications for Patron-Client Relationships in the Context of Bangladesh’s Agricultural Reformation

This paper investigates how a development intervention which targets extremely poor households with investment capital influences relationships between those households and the landowning elite...

Agriculture Poverty Economic power
Household Vulnerability and Resilience to Economic Shocks: Findings from Melanesia

9 December 2013 Simon Feeny Vulnerability and resilience are very closely related terms. Vulnerability is usually referred to as the likelihood of falling into poverty in the future...

Commune Household survey Households
Getting into a State?

30 October 2013 Roger Williamson The UNU-WIDER meeting held last week in New York on the topic of fragility and aid argued forcefully that you cannot ‘fix’ failed states as you would a broken window...

Agriculture Budget Conflict management
Working Paper
Impact Assessment of the Facilitadores Judiciales Programme in Nicaragua

Facilitadores Judiciales is a programme run by the Organization of the American States and the Nicaraguan judiciary. The main objective of the programme is to improve access to justice for the disadvantaged people in Nicaragua...

Justice, Administration of Rural development
Research Brief
How to Achieve Economics of Peace?

The natural resource sector in Liberia has failed to produce links to other important sectors of the economy, and in particular has failed to create jobs for the large majority of the population...

Agriculture Conflict management Economic development
From the Editor's Desk (June 2013)

29 June 2013 Tony Addison The June-July summer issue of Angle comes to you amid the 19 hours daylight of the Finnish mid-summer...

Econometric models (Economic development) Agriculture Children
From the Editor's Desk (March 2013)

Tony Addison This month saw UNU-WIDER in Stockholm for the ReCom results meeting on ‘aid and the social sectors’, which took place at Sida on 13 March...

Decision making (Finance, Public) Econometric models (Economic development) Agriculture
Journal Article
Impact of Terrorism on Investment Decisions of Farmers: Evidence from the Punjab Insurgency

Part of Journal Special Issue Entrepreneurship and Conflict

Agriculture Conflict management Investments
Working Paper
Aid for Agriculture and Rural Development: a Changing Landscape with New Players and Challenges

This paper analyses the way aid for agriculture and rural development in the global south has changed over time. It finds three key shifts. First, a change in funding priority that has seen aid commitments move to the social sectors...

Agriculture Economic assistance and foreign aid Rural development
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