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Working Paper
COVID-19 and global poverty: Are LDCs being left behind?

This paper provides a preliminary assessment of COVID-19’s impact on global poverty in the light of the IMF’s April 2020 growth forecasts...

COVID-19 Global poverty Least Developed Countries
Working Paper
Estimates of the impact of COVID-19 on global poverty

In this paper we make estimates of the potential short-term economic impact of COVID-19 on global monetary poverty through contractions in per capita household income or consumption...

Global poverty COVID-19 SDGs
Annual Lecture
How are people poor?: Measuring global progress toward zero poverty and the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs SDG1 Poverty
How (not) to build state capability

Effective and capable states are essential for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)...

SDGs SDG16 Building State Capabilities
How can developing countries pay for the SDGs?

With official development assistance under strain, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will require developing countries to rely increasingly on their own resources...

SDGs Millennium Development Goals Official development assistance
In the Director's chair: Reflections on my first six months as Director

My first six months as Director of UNU-WIDER have been busy, enlightening, and rewarding...

Charles Gore on Inequality Reduction as a Global Goal: The Nature and Logic of SDG 10

Charles Gore presented at the WIDER Seminar Series on 19 June 2019. Abstract – Inequality Reduction as a Global Goal: The Nature and Logic of SDG 10 Presentation slides An important feature of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed as...

19 June 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Journal Article
Investigating Growing Inequality in Mozambique

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequalities in the least developed countries

Inequality Mozambique Decomposition
How can developing countries deliver effective public financial planning?

In many less developed countries, there is little problem identifying the need for public investment in programmes aimed at improving things such as infrastructure, health and education. The problem comes in delivering them...

Rachel Gisselquist presents in an expert group meeting on inequality

UNU-WIDER Senior Research Fellow Rachel Gisselquist will give a presentation at an expert group meeting ‘ Reducing Inequalities: SDG 10 Progress and Prospects ’, organized by the World Bank and UN DESA in Geneva 2-3 April. The event will...

2 April 20193 April 2019
International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG), Geneva, Switzerland
Past event
Developing countries would benefit from improved tax collection: What can help?

The ability to raise revenues from taxes – called “fiscal capacity” – is a crucial aspect for the functioning of any state...

Tax revenue Fiscal capacity Income tax
Director Kunal Sen contributes to blog on taxation in developing countries

The capability to raise revenues from taxes – often called fiscal capacity – is a crucial aspect for the functioning of every state, particularly in developing countries. They need higher revenues to invest in a number of economic and...

Taxation SDGs Tax revenue
Press release - Professor Kunal Sen starts as the director of UNU-WIDER

‘Economic transformation needs to be accompanied by political and social transformations if we are to see drastic increases in human wellbeing’

SDGs Transformation Informality
Sustainable development solutions for Tanzania – strengthening research to achieve SDGs

Theme: Transforming economies

SDGs Sustainable development Research institutes
Sustainable Development Explorer UNU-WIDER expertise part of new UNU Sustainable Development Explorer SDGs United Nations University
Working Paper
Intersecting inequalities and the Sustainable Development Goals: Insights from Brazil

Concerns about the dramatic rise in income inequality across the world and, at the same time, assessments of national progress on the Millennium Development Goals made it clear that it is the intersection of income inequality, marginalized social ide...

Income distribution Intersecting inequalities Labour market segmentation
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