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Social capital (Sociology)
Book Chapter
Individual Motivation, its Nature, Determinants, and Consequences for Within-group Behaviour

From the book: Group Behaviour and Development

Sociological aspects (Economics) Group decision making Social capital (Sociology)
Working Paper
Clans, Cliques, and Captured States: Rethinking “Transition” in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Informal systems of relationships may be the most appropriate unit of analysis for understanding the patterns of development of many aspects of corruption, organized crime, markets, and the state...

Informal sector (Economics) Corruption Social capital (Sociology)
Resource Abundance and Economic Development

Since the 1960s the per capita incomes of the resource-poor countries have grown significantly faster than those of the resource-abundant countries...

Economic development Economic policy Industrialization
Book Chapter
Reforming a Small Resource-Rich Developing Market Economy: Costa Rica

From the book: Resource Abundance and Economic Development

Economic growth Economic policy Natural resources
Book Chapter
Informal Institutions, Social Capital, and Economic Transition: Reflections on a Neglected Dimension

From the book: Transition and Institutions

Informal sector (Economics) Institutional economics Law
Working Paper
Individual Motivation, Its Nature, Determinants and Consequences for within group Behaviour

The paper deals with evaluating the adequacy of the assumption that in economic transactions people are self-interested insofar as they are motivated solely by the concern of maximizing their own utility, and in particular with assessing how this ass...

Sociological aspects (Economics) Group decision making Social capital (Sociology)
Working Paper
Rebuilding Rural Livelihoods and Social Capital: Mozambique's Experience

Mozambique has now enjoyed eight years of peace after a 16-year war that massively damaged the economy, caused over a million deaths, and displaced more than 3 million people...

Equality and inequality Poverty Rural development
Working Paper
Context and Policies for the Transformation and Growth of SMEs: The Case of Hungary with Russian Implications

This paper analyses the Hungarian experience with SMEs development by highlighting the factors and policies that explain the sector features and dynamics and utilizes this experience to suggest an interpretation of the striking differences with Russi...

Business enterprises Economic policy (Business enterprises) Business networks
Working Paper
Economics Theories of the Household: A Critical Review

The aim of this paper is to review the principal assumptions and aspects of the unitary household model and collective models of household behaviour...

Households Human capital Social capital (Sociology)
Book Chapter
Public Policy toward Social Overhead Capital: The Capitalization Externality

From the book: The Environment and Emerging Development Issues

Capital Land use Public welfare
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