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Social security
SOUTHMOD country report Tanzania - TAZMOD v1.0

View the latest TAZMOD country report here . This report documents TAZMOD, the SOUTHMOD model developed for Tanzania...

Tax Government revenue Government spending policy
Working Paper
The expansion of economic protection for older adults in Latin America: Key design features of non-contributory pensions

Over the past two decades, many Latin American countries have expanded the economic protection of older adults by developing non-contributory pensions or making eligibility rules more flexible...

Equality Old age Social pensions
Working Paper
Government intervention need for social security improvement in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A theoretical analysis using the principal–agent model

African populations need better support through social protection mechanisms...

Social security Pensions Contracts
Working Paper
On the spread of social protection systems

This paper undertakes an empirical analysis of the adoption of various components of social security systems as well as contribution rates...

Panel analysis Social security Taxation
Five lessons from Martin Ravallion’s WIDER Annual Lecture: Direct interventions against poverty in poor places

On 23 March researchers, policy makers, and politicians gathered at the Stockholm School of Economics (or joined online via the webcast ) to hear Professor Martin Ravallion deliver WIDER Annual Lecture 20 and discuss its implications...

Equality and inequality Poverty Social security
Inequality in South Africa - An Interview with Murray Leibbrandt

At the UNU-WIDER Inequality conference September 2014 we interviewed Murray Leibbrandt, Professor of Economics at the University of Cape Town on issues of inequality in South Africa...

Children Economic policy Education
UNU-WIDER Inequality Conference 2014: Country Comparisons and Conceptual Approaches

18 December 2014 Roger Williamson In an earlier article I reviewed a number of the high-profile contributions to the September 2014 conference on inequality . It is now time to dig deeper into the material presented at the event...

Comparative economics Economic growth Government policy (Poor)
Working Paper
Assessing the Impact of Social Grants on Inequality: A South African Case Study

The democratic government in South Africa has developed a system of social grants to combat the high levels of poverty and inequality inherited from the apartheid regime...

Equality and inequality Household survey Poverty
Research Brief
The Evolution of Social Protection in Latin America

Social insurance has not succeeded in reducing fiscal deficits and expanding coverage to more beneficiaries in Latin America Social assistance has had a greater impact on poverty and inequality than social insurance In lower-middle-income countries, ...

Economic policy Equality and inequality Social security
Working Paper
Poverty Dynamics and Programme Graduation from Social Protection: A Transitional Model for Mexico’s Oportunidades Programme

Social protection programmes have emerged as one of the most important anti-poverty policy strategies in developing countries. Their effects on poverty and well-being have been widely studied...

Panel analysis Poverty Poverty measurement
Position Paper
Aid and the Social Sectors

This position paper on Aid and the Social Sectors was prepared by UNU-WIDER under the ReCom programme of Research (Re) and Communication (Com) on foreign aid...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Poverty Social security
Book Chapter
On the Distributional Implications of Social Protection Reforms in Latin America

From the book: Falling Inequality in Latin America

Economic policy Equality and inequality Social security
The Bangladesh Paradox – An Interview with Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury

Carl-Gustav Lindén Bangladesh has made some remarkable strides in development and poverty reduction since independence, despite generally weak governance...

Democracy Poverty Social security
Brazil's Economics Success: Lessons for Africa – An Interview with Armando Barrientos and Ed Amann

24 January 2014 In this interview Armando Barrientos and Ed Amann give an introduction to their research project at the Brooks World Poverty Institute on the relevance of the Brazilian development model for Africa...

Economic development projects Structural adjustment (Economic policy) Poverty
Inequality in Latin America: The Role of Conditional Cash Transfer – An Interview with Armando Barrientos

24 January 2014 In this interview Professor Armando Barrientos reviews the recent UNU-WIDER project on inequality in Latin America which looks at the regional trend of decreasing inequality since 2000 and the reasons behind it...

Equality and inequality Poverty Public welfare
Aid and the Social Sectors: Reflections from the Stockholm Results Meeting

17 April 2013 Tony Addison and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa We learnt much from the ReCom Results meeting on 13th March in Stockholm on aid and the social sectors...

Children Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic growth
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