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Structural change
Book Chapter
Understanding and characterizing the services sector in South Africa: an overview

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Services Economic development South Africa
‘Industrial’ policy in the 21st century

During the past week, I participated in two international conferences. The first was the WIDER Development Conference in Helsinki: Think development - Think WIDER ...

Industrialization Structural change Employment and Industry
Working Paper
Agricultural and rural transformations in Asian development

Over the past sixty years, most Asian countries have undergone relatively rapid agricultural transformations that helped jumpstart broader economic development...

Agricultural productivity Structural change Rural development
Working Paper
Variation in structural change around the world, 1985–2015: Patterns, causes and implications

During 1985–2015, globalization intensified the factor-endowment-related pattern of sectoral specialization. In skill-abundant developed countries, manufacturing became more skill-intensive...

Structural change Industrialization Globalization
Working Paper
Employment and productivity growth in Tanzania’s service sector

Despite Tanzania’s rapid recent growth, the vast majority of employment creation has been in informal services. This paper addresses the role that different subsectors of formal and informal services have played in Tanzania’s growth...

Services Informal sector Economic growth
Working Paper
Understanding and characterizing the services sector in South Africa: An overview

The South African services sector is large and growing. This coupled with declining employment shares in manufacturing and mining (i.e. deindustrialization) suggests that South Africa is a de facto service-orientated economy...

Services Economic development South Africa
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