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Working Paper
Exploring options for a universal old age pension in Tanzania Mainland

The provision of a universal old age pension is increasingly recognized as an important instrument for strengthening and extending social protection...

Microsimulation Old age Public pensions
Working Paper
A comparative study of export processing zones in the wake of the Sustainable Development Goals: The cases of Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe

The objective of this research is to assess the extent to which export processing zones in Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe integrate the Sustainable Development Goals in their implementation and operations...

Export processing zones Sustainable development Botswana
Working Paper
Weather shocks and child nutrition: Evidence from Tanzania

In this paper, we examine the relationship between childhood exposure to adverse weather shocks and nutritional and health outcomes of children in Tanzania...

Child nutrition Tanzania Weather shock
Rugazia Nyombi on rural economy diversification and its effects on food security

Rugazia Nyombi will present at the WIDER Seminar Series on 6 November. Abstract - Rural economy Diversification and Its Effects on Food Security of Households in Tanzania Agriculture has for long dominated Tanzania’s rural economic setup with...

6 November 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Book Chapter
Pushing for policy innovation: The framing of social protection policies in Tanzania

From the book: The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa

Social protection Policy entrpreneurs Political settlements
Working Paper
Mobile phone use, productivity and labour market in Tanzania

Access to mobile phone has increased substantially over the last decade in sub-Saharan Africa...

Mobile phones Agricultural productivity Market prices
Journal Article
The counting approach to multidimensional poverty: The case of four African countries

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequalities in the least developed countries

Counting approach Multidimensional poverty measurement Malawi
Journal Article
The impact of hosting refugees on the intra‐household allocation of tasks: A gender perspective

Part of Journal Special Issue Female Autonomy and Women’s Welfare

Forced migration Time use Labour market
Book Chapter
Employment and productivity growth in Tanzania's service sector

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Services Informal sector Economic growth
Journal Article
The impact of intergovernmental transfers on local revenue generation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Tanzania

Do intergovernmental transfers reduce revenues collected by local government authorities (LGAs)?...

Fiscal capacity Intergovernmental grants Sub-Saharan Africa
Working Paper
Formal education, malaria preventive behaviour, and children’s malarial status in Tanzania

In this study, we assess formal education as a causal determinant of women’s malaria preventive behaviour, as well as children’s risk of malaria infection...

Health behaviour Malaria School reform
Working Paper
The counting approach to multidimensional poverty: The case of four African countries

This paper investigates the levels and evolution of poverty in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe using the decomposability properties of poverty measures based on a counting approach...

Counting approach Multidimensional poverty measurement Malawi
Working Paper
Entrepreneurship and human capital development in children

This paper explores the link between entrepreneurship and child human capital development. We specifically examine how operating a non-farm enterprise (NFE) as opposed to working in agriculture relates to child labour and schooling outcomes...

Non-farm Enterprises Child labour
Working Paper
Tanzania—from mining to oil and gas: Structural change or just big numbers?

This paper extends UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2016/79, which examined the economic situation in Tanzania during the resurgence of gold and diamond production after 1999, with the situation that emerged as the country began to exploit its very large reso...

Tanzania Gas Liquefied natural gas
Working Paper
The effects of land titling in Tanzania

We use household survey data to investigate the effects of formal, private property rights to agricultural land on agricultural investment, land valuation and access to credit in Tanzania...

Property rights Land titling Agriculture
Working Paper
Household bargaining and spending on children: Experimental evidence from Tanzania

This paper studies whether increasing the wife’s bargaining power results in couples allocating more resources to their child, and, if so, what the underlying mechanisms for this are...

Intra-household allocation Female bargaining power Tanzania
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