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Working Paper
New data, new approaches and new evidence: A policy synthesis

The Republic of South Africa faces the imperative of escaping economic stagnation...

South Africa Growth Productivity
Working Paper
The effects of Chinese import penetration on firm innovation: Evidence from the Vietnamese manufacturing sector

This paper evaluates the impact of Chinese import penetration on the innovation of Vietnamese manufacturing firms from 2011 to 2015, exploiting variations in import exposure by industry specialization and instrumenting for Chinese import penetration ...

China Manufacturing Innovation
Working Paper
Agro-processing and horticultural exports from Africa

Sub-Saharan African exports of horticultural and processed agricultural products are growing in line with the major shift towards these products in world markets...

Africa Agro-processing Trade
Research Brief
Food production competitiveness and regional growth in southern Africa: The animal-feed-to-poultry value chain

15-20% of local demand for poultry in South Africa is met by imports Evidence from Zambia suggests that capital investments in the value chain can increase local production Increased demand due to growing urban populations poses critical challenges f...

Value chains Trade Poultry
Research uptake
Learning to Compete (L2C): Accelerating Industrial Development in Africa

Learning to compete (L2C) is collaborative research project between UNU-WIDER, the African Development Bank, and the Brookings Institution. The project aims to answer the question: why is there so little industry in Africa? Industry—including modern...

Trade Competitiveness Industrial policy
© UN Photo/Kibae Park Keynote: Benno Ndulu Trade Competitiveness Industrial policy
Jobs, poverty and structural change in Africa

Theme: Transformation

Trade Competitiveness Industrial policy
Learning to compete (L2C): accelerating industrial development in Africa

Theme: 2010-11

Trade Competitiveness Industrial policy
Fragility and development

Theme: 2006-07

In recent years there is a growing concern within the international donor community regarding the plight of a special group of countries labeled as 'Fragile States'. These states, which according to current donor lists currently numbers more...

Development and Finance Fragility Fragile states
Southern engines of global growth

Theme: 2006-07

The project centers on the inter-linkages between the major developing countries of Brazil, India, China and South Africa and the global economy, with a special emphasis on the implications of China’s growth on smaller economies and the rest...

Globalization and Trade Growth Trade
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