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Working Paper
Millennium Development Goal 7: An Assessment of Progress With Respect to Water and Sanitation: Legacy, Synergy, Complacency or Policy?

Access to water and sanitation (target 10) is an important ingredient of quality of life. As per WHO-UNICEF assessments, globally, 77 per cent of population had access to water in 1990...

Economic development Public utilities Water
Working Paper
Getting Infrastructure Priorities Right in Post-Conflict Reconstruction

In this paper, an attempt is made to identify some key challenges for infrastructure sectors in post-conflict reconstruction...

Infrastructure (Economics) Public goods Social conflict
Working Paper
Consumer Preferences for Water Supply?: an Application of Choice Models to Urban India

This paper examines consumer preferences for the attributes of alternative sources of water supply in Chennai, based on a household survey where respondents were given the description of a set of options...

Consumption (Economics) Public utilities Water
Working Paper
Water 'Scarcity' in Chennai, India: Institutions, Entitlements and Aspects of Inequality in Access

The main contributions of the paper can be divided into five areas...

Econometric models (Economic development) Equality and inequality Public goods
Book Chapter
Water Scarcity as a Source of Crises

From the book: War, Hunger, and Displacement

Population Social conflict Water
Book Chapter
Reasons for Child Mortality and Anthropometric Failure

From the book: Poverty and Undernutrition

Children Econometric models Health
Book Chapter
Regional Hydropolitics in Mainland South East Asia: A New Deal in a New Era

From the book: The New Regionalism and the Future of Security and Development

International relations Natural resources Regional economics
Book Chapter
Power and Water: The Coming Order in Southern Africa

From the book: The New Regionalism and the Future of Security and Development

International economic relations Natural resources Power (Economics)
Book Chapter
Vital Infrastructure: Improvements in Urban Water Supply and Sanitation

From the book: Urbanization

Infrastructure (Economics) Urban planning Water
Book Chapter
Analysis and Management of Watersheds

From the book: The Environment and Emerging Development Issues

Conservation of natural resources Management Water
Working Paper
Lush Fields and Parched Throats: The Political Economy of Groundwater in Gujarat

Groundwater resources in Gujarat (India) have been depleting at an darning rate in recent years. The most visible symptom of this phenomenon is the decline of water tables in large pats of the state...

Environmental policy Equality and inequality Poor
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