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From the Editor's Desk (March 2015)

I’m writing this editorial from Dar es Salaam, while at the 20 th anniversary workshop for Tanzania’s REPOA , one of our research partners...

Capitalism Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic policy
Extractives for development (E4D)

Theme: Transformation

Wealth Natural resources Management
Researching and Reporting on Global Wealth – Two Interviews with Anthony Shorrocks

30 October 2014 by Roger Williamson In this interview Professor Anthony Shorrocks describes the methodology to research global household wealth, developed by him and colleagues when he was Director of UNU-WIDER...

Economic growth Equality and inequality Quantitative research methodology
Journal Article
Intergenerational Mobility and Interpersonal Inequality in an African Economy

Part of Journal Special Issue Land and Property Rights

Consumption Equality and inequality Land tenure
Global Inequality – What’s Going On?

26 September 2014 Roger Williamson Huge interest in the WIDER Inequality Conference (5-6 September) Inequality is big news...

Economic development projects Education Equality and inequality
Book Chapter
Recent Distributive Changes in Latin America: An Overview

From the book: Falling Inequality in Latin America

Equality and inequality Government accountability Income distribution
Sharing for Prosperity

17 April 2013 Minister Heikki Eidsvoll Holmås Economic growth in itself will not end poverty...

Children Democracy Economic growth
From the Editor's Desk (February 2013)

Tony Addison As the snow continues to lie deep across Helsinki, UNU-WIDER is putting the last touches to the ReCom results meeting on ‘aid and the social sectors’, which takes place at Sida in Stockholm on 13 March...

Industrialization Econometric models (Economic development) Children
Working Paper
Measuring Economic Insecurity

We provide an axiomatic treatment of the measurement of economic insecurity, assuming that individual insecurity depends on the current wealth level and its variations experienced in the past...

Methodology (Economics) Index numbers (Economics) Wealth
Book Chapter
The Simple Analytics of Elite Behaviour under Limited State Capacity

From the book: The Role of Elites in Economic Development

Income distribution Political science Wealth
From the Editor's desk (October 2011)

Tony Addison As autumn moves into winter in Helsinki, it is time to bring you the October edition of UNU-WIDER’s newsletter, WIDER Angle...

Consumption Democracy Distribution
Contribution to a Special issue Celebrating Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen's 75th Birthday

A new paper by Wim Naudé entitled 'Entrepreneurship and Human Development: A Capability Approach', has been included in a recent special issue of the Journal of Public Economics (Vol. 95 (3-4), celebrating Amartya Sen's 75th birthday.

Entrepreneurship Human development Choice
Working Paper
The Simple Analytics of Elite Behaviour Under Limited State Capacity

This paper discusses the issue of taxation and redistribution in economies dominated by Elites with limited state capacity...

Income distribution Political science Wealth
Working Paper
The New Grand Bourgeoisie under Post-Communism: Central Europe, Russia and China Compared

In the former socialist redistributive economies, the transition to market economy and the conversion to private ownership followed different trajectories...

Income distribution Post-communism Socialism
Wealth Distribution, the Financial Crisis and Entrepreneurship

Wim Naudé and James C. MacGee Globally, wealth is very unequally distributed, both within countries and between countries...

Economic policy (Business enterprises) Capital market Entrepreneurship
Book Chapter
Changes in the Distribution of Wealth in China, 1995-2002

From the book: Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective

Equality and inequality Household survey Households
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