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Women's empowerment
Working Paper
Contract farming in Mozambique: Implications on gender inequalities within and across rural households

This paper analyses the implication of contract farming on gender inequalities in rural Mozambique...

Contract farming Gender inequality Mozambique
Working Paper
Does women’s empowerment affect the health of children?: The case of Mozambique

In developing countries, women’s decisions concerning their children’s health depend on ‘empowerment’ concerning decision-making, husband/partner’s use of violence, woman’s attitude towards this violence, available...

Alkire and Foster Demographic and health survey Fuzzy approach to poverty measurement
Working Paper
Polygamy and female labour supply in Senegal

In this paper, we explore the links between polygyny and female labour supply in Senegal using a nationally representative survey...

Collective model Intra-household allocation Polygyny
Working Paper
Migration and the autonomy of women left behind

This paper investigates the impact of migration of male household heads on the autonomy of their spouses...

Migration Female autonomy Women's empowerment
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