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Education investment I

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Locus of control, hyperbolic preferences, and demand for commitment and saving: Evidence from rural Ethiopia
Kibrom Abay, Guush Berhane, and Thomas Woldu Assefa

Happiness and alleviation of income poverty: Impacts of an unconditional cash transfer program using a subjective well-being approach
Kelly Kilburn, Sudhanshu Handa, and Gustavo Angeles

Does education affect time preference?
Tushar Bharati, Seungwoo Chin, and Da Woon Jung

Selection and Incentive Effects of Financial and Career Incentives on Labor Productivity: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Malawi
Bryant Hyuncheol Kim, Seonghoon Kim, and Thomas T. Kim


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The harmony of programs package: Quasiexperimental evidence on health and nutrition interventions in rural Senegal
Théophile T. Azomahou, Fatoumata L. Diallo, and Wladimir Raymond

The social impacts of Bolivia’s social protection system
Carla Canelas and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa

Is 1+1 more than 2? Joint evaluation of two public programs in Tanzania
Tushar Bharati, Seungwoo Chin, and Dawoon Jung

Effects of adult health interventions at scale on children’s schooling: Evidence from antiretroviral therapy in Zambia
Adrienne M. Lucas, Margaret Chidothe, and Nicholas L. Wilson

Early life I

Parallel 3.1

Does fuel-switching improve health? Evidence from LPG subsidy program

Sanitation and child health in India
Britta Augsburg and Paul Rodríguez-Lesmes

Long run effects of the exposure to forest fires in Indonesia
Rakesh Banerjee

Long-term impacts of high temperatures on economic productivity
Ram Fishman, Jason Russ and Paul Carillo


Parallel 3.3

Young mothers are working, but are they getting paid? Evidence on female labor outcomes in Madagascar
Catalina Herrera, David E. Sahn, and Kira M. Villa

The role of small and medium enterprises in structural transformation and economic development
Mausumi Das and Naveen Thomas

Challenges of change: An experiment training women to manage in the Bangladeshi garment sector
Atonu Rabbani, Rocco Macchiavello, Andreas Menzel, and Christopher Woodruff

Labor market reforms, growth, inequality, labor force participation and unemployment rates: Evidence from a new dataset
Nauro F. Campos and Jeffrey Nugent

Learning II

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Political economy

Parallel 4.2

Does the identity of leaders matter for education? Evidence from the first black governor in the US
Mery Ferrando and Véronique Gille

The political economy of public sector absence: Experimental evidence from Pakistan
Michael Callen, Saad Gulzar, and Ali Hasanain and Yasir Khan

An experimental investigation of the effects of affirmative action in Australian high schools
Juliana Silva Gonçalves, Uwe Dulleck, Anita Lee Hong, and Markus Schaffner

Untimely destruction: Pestilence, war and accumulation in the long run
Clive Bell and Hans Gersbach


Parallel 4.3

Build back better? Long-lasting impact of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti
Camille Saint-Macary and Claire Zanuso

Women’s labor supply responses to health shocks: Evidence from Senegal
Virginie Comblon and Karine Marazyan

Economic restructuring and children’s educational attainment: Lessons from China’s state-owned enterprises reform
Renjie Ge

Coffee price volatility and intrahousehold labor supply: Evidence from Vietnam
Ulrik Beck, Saurabh Singhal, and Finn Tarp

School quality

Parallel 5.1

Cognitive, non-cognitive and behavioral returns to college quality: Evidence from India
Utteeyo Dasgupta, Subha Mani, Smriti Sharma, and Saurabh Singhal

Learning about oneself: The effects of signaling academic ability on school choice
Veronica Frisancho and Matteo Bobba

Who responds to information? Experimental evidence on track-specific higher education decisions in India
Tanvi Rao

Student performance and the effects of academic versus nonacademic school attributes
Kehinde Ajayi

Early life II

Parallel 5.2

Household choices in fragile families and their effects on children’s cognitive and non-cognitive skills
Rául Sánchez

Recovery from stunting and cognitive outcomes in young children: Evidence from the South African Birth to twenty cohort study
Daniela Casale and Chris Desmond

Early life health interventions: Effects on sickness absence, academic performance and long-term outcomes
Sonia Bhalotra, Martin Karlsson, Therese Nilsson, and Nina Schwarz

Undermining human capital accumulation: Evidence from micro and macro levels
Bill Kinsey

Education investment II

Parallel 6.1

Labor market changes and human capital investment: Evidence from migration boom in Nepal
Rashesh Shrestha

Preference for boys, family size and educational attainment in India
Adriana D. Kugle and Santosh Kumar

Marriage age, social status and intergenerational effects in Uganda
Naveen Sunder

Land certification and schooling in rural Ethiopia
Heather Congdon Fors, Kenneth Houngbedgi, and Annicka Lindskog


Parallel 6.2

Mass refugee inflow and human capital investments: Evidence from Greek refugees in Greece
Elie Murad and Seyhun Orcan Sakalli

Can I have permission to leave the house? Return migration and the transfer of gender norms
Michele Tuccio and Jackline Wahba

Education and labor market consequences of removing migration selectivity: Evidence from the abolition of rural-urban dual Hukou
Yao Pan

Remittances, child labor, and schooling: Evidence from Colombia
Andres Cuadros Menaca and Arya Gaduh

Historical / religious institutions

Parallel 6.3

Voodoo, vaccines and bed nets
Nik Stoop, Marijke Verpoorten, and Koen Deconinck

Suffer for the faith? Parental religiosity and children’s health
Olga Popova

Human capital persistence and development
Rudi Rocha, Claudio Ferraz and Rodrigo R. Soares

Tertiary education and prosperity: Catholic missionaries to luminosity in India
Ampara Castelló-Climent, Latika Chaudhary, and Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay

Poster session

Preceding birth interval length and maternal health in Kenya
Japheth Awiti

Sibling rivalry: Child endowment and intrahousehold allocation
Liyousew Gebremedhin Borga

Does the impact of child’s health on cognitive development change over time in Peru?
John Creamer

Primary education extension under imperfect compliance and mothers’ labour market outcomes: evidence from a school reform in Brazil
Diego da Silva Rodrigues

Impact of an income shock on girls’ schooling and labor in Benin, West Africa
Mafaizath A. Fatoke Dato

Parental socio-economic status and intergenerational mobility
Apoorva Gupta

Private preschools and test score gaps in rural India
Sweta Gupta

Cognitive and non-cognitive skills, social networks and wages in Bangladesh
Anne Hilger, Christophe J. Nordman and Leopold R. Sarr

Social distance and education achievement among the Scheduled Tribes in India
Hemanshu Kumar, Tarun Jain and Rohini Somanathan

Children of Afghan migrants in Iran
Maryam Naghsh Nejad

Social impacts of piped water access
Naveen Sunder and Averi Chakrabarti

Sub-national perspectives on aid effectiveness: Impact of aid on health outcomes in Uganda
Tonny Odokonyero, Alex Ijjo, Robert Marty, Tony Muhumuza and Godfrey Owot Moses

Scientific mobility as a bridge between two worlds: Analysing the impact of foreign-educated PhDs on academic upgrading in Mexico
Simone Sass o and Lorena Rivera León

Young people who neither work nor study: The influence of parenting style and bullying
Adan Silverio Murillo

Intergenerational education mobility in Africa: Has progress been inclusive?
Eleni Abraham Yitbarek

The poverty-economic growth-health triangle
Cyrine Hannafi and Christophe Muller

Climate change and internal migration: A case study of Iran
Mehdi Shiva


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