Economic inequality beyond economics

Special event 5 | Room 5: Thursday, 6 October 2022, 13:30-15:00 (UTC-5)

This session will be in Spanish with English translation available. The researchers will discuss how inequality extends beyond purely material gaps between individuals. They will build on their work on education and inequality in Colombia to share lessons and discuss hypotheses about the role of culture in sustaining and exacerbating inequalities.


13:30-15:00 (UTC-5)

Mauricio García Villegas | Chair

Mauricio holds a PhD in Political Science from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) and doctor honoris causa of the Normal Higher School of Cachan (France). He is a professor at the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations (IEPRI) of the National University of Colombia, a researcher for Dejusticia and a columnist for the newspaper El Espectador. His most recent publications include Normas de papel (Bogotá, 2009); La eficacia simbólica del derecho (Bogotá, 2014); El derecho al Estado (con J. R. Espinosa, Bogotá 2013); Les pouvoirs du droit (Paris, 2015); and “El orden de la libertad” (Bogotá, 2017). At Dejusticia he is currently the Director of the Rule of Law Area.

Leopoldo Fergusson | Presenter

Leopoldo Ferguson is Professor and Director of CEDE at the Department of Economics of Uniandes. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from MIT. He is interested in the political economy of development, with studies on the causes and consequences of state weakness and inequalities between countries, regions, and people. He has been visiting scholar or professor at Harvard, the University of Chicago, MIT, and Universitat de Barcelona. Juan Luis Londoño medal recipient (2019).

Maria José Álvarez | Presenter

Maria José Alvarez is Associate Professor of Sociology at Universidad de los Andes, since 2015. She graduated from University of Pittsburg, and Universidad de la República (Uruguay). Her investigation agenda is motivated by social inequaility and her perspective to adress it combines statistical and qualitative methods, with a special focus on social networks. She is author of the book " Squatters and the Politics of Marginality", about the role of urban networks of the poor with the state in the history of the informal city in Montevideo. She has investigated and published about residential segregation, urban interventions, middle class, wealth guettos in closed communities and relationships between social classes and social mobility as a result of Ser Pilo Paga.