Poster session guidelines - Migration and mobility

There will be a special poster session of 45 minutes on both days of the conference. Up to 22 posters will be presented in a suitable venue at conference premises and will remain on display throughout both conference days. Authors are requested to illustrate their findings by displaying graphs, photos, diagrams, and a small amount of text.

During the special poster sessions, the author of the study being presented will stand in front of the poster. To start the poster session, a bell will ring. The author will give a 5-minute presentation to the assembled audience. An additional 2.5 minutes will be allocated for questions. After these 7.5 minutes, the bell will ring to mark the end of the presentation and the audience will be given 1 minute to move on to whichever poster they choose. The bell will ring again to mark a new round of presentations. Presenters should be ready to present 5 times each day.

Participants will in this way be able to engage with a broad selection of the research on display. Any remaining time will be allocated to informal discussions where conference participants will be able to circulate among the posters and ask further questions. Presenters are asked to remain by their poster boards for the duration of both poster sessions. Copies of the paper can be brought to distribute, but will not be produced for you.

General information
  • Posters – including the appropriate title – should be designed for an A1 (portrait) size: 594 mm (width) x 840 mm (height).
  • The posters will be mounted on movable stands for presentation.
  • Please note that no audio-visual equipment will be available for poster presentations.
  • Posters will be on display throughout both conference days. Please take your poster with you at the end of the second day.
Poster tips
  • An interesting and visually-attractive poster requires planning. First, consider the audience and the main findings you want to present. Be very selective. You only have five minutes to present; so you must focus on one or maybe two main points. Next, gather the materials and the information to include. Materials should include the title of the presentation, list of authors, and all illustrations needed – figures, tables, colour photographs, charts. Avoid visual chaos with many jagged edges or illustrations. Try to guide the viewer by using a visual logic with a hierarchical structure that emphasizes the main points. UNU-WIDER is unable to provide graphic design services.
  • The material should be well-labelled and legible from a distance of 2 meters away. Lettering should be bold. If you will be posting typed material, use a large font size on white, non-glossy paper. Avoid using fancy fonts. Use upper- and lowercase letters.

See more pictures here.

Printing posters

UNU-WIDER will print and laminate posters at no cost to authors, provided that a PDF or PowerPoint copy of the poster – ready to print – is sent to Janis Vehmaan-Kreula (janis@wider.unu.edu) by 20 September 2017. Please note that late submissions cannot be accepted and, should the deadline be missed, authors will need to print and bring the poster themselves.

If you are printing and laminating your own poster, please arrive early to the conference so that you can mount your poster on its designated stand.

DEADLINE: Posters must be sent for printing by 20 September 2017 to janis@wider.unu.edu.