SA-TIED work stream 1: Enterprise development for job creation and growth

In this work stream, researchers from UNU-WIDER, National Treasury (NT) and the South African Revenue Service (SARS), will build and expand the tax administrative and other micro enterprise data available in South Africa, thereby developing these research tools to be even richer and more versatile resource for researchers and policy makers.

Understanding the opportunities and constraints to private sector development and productivity growth is key for the design of effective policies that deliver on job creation and economic growth more broadly. The recent availability of tax administrative and other micro-data on enterprises in South Africa provides a valuable resource for policy-relevant academic research that allows for a deeper understanding of the functioning of the private sector, and the mechanisms through which government policy and globalization impact on economic growth and development.

The efforts under this work stream will be directed to further expand and develop the available data and supporting policy-relevant academic research based on the data covering topics such as worker mobility, innovation, and access to credit.