WIID Explorer

The World Income Inequality Database (WIID), hosted and maintained by UNU-WIDER for more than 20 years, is accessible via the WIID Explorer. The WIID Explorer is a powerful new tool for accessing and analysing the most comprehensive collection of income inequality statistics in the world.

The WIID Explorer allows users to create and display a broad range of income inequality data and related economic statistics. The tool works by accessing the latest versions of the WIID Companion datasets in real time. It greatly improves the ways in which our inequality data can be mobilized, enabling non-expert users and experts alike to better understand income inequality statistics, conduct independent analysis, and create and share compelling graphs, charts, and tables on global inequality.

With the WIID Explorer, users can investigate inequality data by country, region, or world and over time by years selected, while creating compelling charts or tables of their data selection. Users can create, share, or download a range of charts, figures, and tables with the tool, including more advanced visual displays of quantitative information like the global growth incidence curve (the ‘Elephant Curve’) and the decomposition of Global Gini into between- and within-country components.

The WIID Explorer also produces inequality factsheets on demand, for the world, major regions, and individual countries.

Start Exploring!

Users of the WIID Explorer are encouraged to share and publish charts created with the WIID Explorer, with attribution and citation of the database version. UNU-WIDER encourages Open Access and considers the databases it hosts to be important public goods.

Please cite data visualizations from the WIID Explorer as UNU-WIDER, WIID Explorer. World Income Inequality Database (WIID) Companion datasets (wiidcountry and/or wiidglobal). Version 30 June 2022. https://doi.org/10.35188/UNU-WIDER/WIIDcomp-300622.

The WIID Explorer is always being improved. We encourage your feedback on the WIID Explorer. To submit feedback contact the WIID Team.