Addressing group-based inequalities

Project workshop

Addressing group-based inequalities work in progress workshop

The UNU-WIDER project Addressing group-based inequalities holds a virtual workshop to discuss research on 'Experiences of Reform', the component of the project which offers a comparative assessment of worldwide efforts to reduce group-based inequalities. The workshop is attended by researchers in the project who are completing papers for a forthcoming edited volume (to include eight country-case studies) and by researchers selected to examine the politics and experiences of reform under the project's open call for papers. All papers are forthcoming in the WIDER Working Paper Series

The project's two other components focus on 1) migrant experiences in host countries and 2) the creation of an affirmative action database to track global policy efforts to reduce group-based inequalities.

Forthcoming papers for discussion
Country case studies for addressing group-based inequality volume
Brazil Natasha Borges Sugiyama, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA.  
India Zoya Hasan, Indian Council of Social Science Research, India.  
Malaysia Edmund Terence Gomez, University of Malaya, Malaysia.  
Mexico Ana de Ita, Centro de Estudios para el Cambio en el Campo Mexicano, Mexico.    
Nigeria Rotimi Suberu, Bennington College, USA.  
South Africa Ayabonga Cawe, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.  
Sri Lanka Neil DeVotta, Wake Forest University, USA.  
Vietnam Phung Duc Tung and Thanh Minh Pham, Mekong Development Research Institute, Viet Nam.  
Addressing ethnic inequalities —Experiences of reform
Political economy of women’s empowerment policies in India: Understanding it through the beginning and end of Mahila Samakhya programme  Jyotsna Jha et al. Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, India.  
Enhancing the participation of marginalized women of customary community in Indonesia’s Social Forestry Program Lukas Wibowo et al. Center for Socio-Economic Policy and Climate Change, Indonesia.  
The Making (and Unmaking) of Uganda's Ethnic-based Decentralization Programme Adventino Banjwa, Makerere Institute of Social Research, Uganda.  
Health and Ethnic Inequalities in Mozambique Isabel Casimiro and Julio Machele, University Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique.  
Identity of politicians and laws on ethnic equality, Australia Astghik Mavisakalyan and Yashar Tarverdi, Curtin University, Australia.