Ayu Pratiwi and Milla Nyyssölä on land rights and inter-generational resource allocations in Tanzania

Weekly seminar of the Labour Institute for Economic Research

On 17 November 2021 Turku University researcher Ayu Pratiwi and UNU-WIDER Research Associate Milla Nyyssölä give a presentation at the weekly online seminar of the Labour Institute for Economic Research. The topic of their presentation is A long-term analysis of land rights and inter-generational resource allocations in Tanzania.

The weekly seminar series gathers around 20 researchers to listen to a presentation on a topical issue. This session provides knowledge on gender, land rights and inter-generational resource allocations.

In their presentation Pratiwi and Nyyssölä share the research findings of an upcoming Working Paper, authored together with Ralitza Dimova and Kunal Sen.

The paper first studies whether the Tanzanian land law reform increased women’ land  ownership in 2000-2010 using a novel identification strategy using land types where law could have or not an effect on women’s inheritances. Secondly, the paper investigates implications of the law/land type on strategic inter-generational allocations of land and education.

The analysis is done using difference in differences model with matching, so that the development of equal matches at baseline are compared through time. The model includes relevant controls. The data spans from about a decade before until a decade after the law.

The presentation is part of the Sustainable development solutions for Tanzania – strengthening research to achieve SDGs project.