Elections and the African electoral system — challenges and perspectives for Mozambique

IGM Seminar Series

On 15 October 2020, Professor A. Hama Thay, researcher at the University of Eduardo Mondlane, will discuss his latest research on elections and African electoral system. 

The presentation is based on the working paper ‘Elections and the African electoral system: 
Challenges and perspectives for Mozambique
’ (in Portuguese). 

The presentation will be in Portuguese. 

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Please note that the presentations will be recorded. The presentation slides and the recording will be shared with the seminar participants soon after the event. 

About the research 

The research provides an analysis on the matter of elections and the African electoral system. The study discusses the challenges and perspectives for Mozambique, an African country whose electoral process has degenerated into tensions, conflicts, and post-electoral crises. Based on qualitative research supported by historical and analytical methods, documentary research, a systematic literature review, and participant observation, the study concludes that the African electoral system is still in the process of being built, so that in the near future or long term it will likely have an autochthonous, safe and functional mechanism capable of preventing and reducing electoral and post-electoral crises and conflicts.

About the IGM Seminar Series  

The online IGM Seminar Series provides a space to discuss research themes with a focus on the challenges of promoting inclusive growth in Mozambique at a time of overlapping crises: the economic and financial crisis of hidden debt, the climate crisis, and the global health crisis.