Extractive industries and development

Project meeting

Extractive industries and development

The project meeting on extractive industries and development brings together academics, experts, independent consultants, as well as private and public sector representatives, to discuss joint work on extractives and their relationship to sustainable development. The event will be held in Helsinki on 11-12 April 2016.

The meeting is a component of UNU-WIDER’s research project Extractives for development which connects actors from multiple fields to produce an authoritative overview on how to better use the extraction of oil, gas, and minerals for development and poverty reduction. A key topic of interest is how developing countries can avoid the typical macroeconomic problems that are often linked to resource wealth, and how they can use resource revenues transparently for inclusive national development.

By comparing experiences of resource wealth across countries, both successes and failures, the project will build and communicate a body of knowledge to inform national policy makers, civil society, and their international partners. The research will culminate in a book that consolidates the diverse perspectives on the topic within a single framework.


Meeting participants (from top left):
Nick Travis, Oxford Policy Management
Sophie Witter, Queen Margaret University
Rick van der Ploeg, Innovum - Center for Innovation
Roger Williamson, UNU-WIDER
Jussi Huopaniemi, Ministry of Finance
Joanna Buckley, Oxford Policy Management
Maja Jakobsen, Oxford Policy Management
Robert Osei, University of Ghana
Adam Swallow, Oxford University Press
Samantha Dodd, Independent Consultant
Nadia Ouedraogo, UNU-WIDER
Caroline Schimanski, UNU-WIDER
Wisdom Akpalu, UNU-WIDER
James Otto, Attorney and Mineral Economist
Richard Osei, UNU-WIDER
Patrick Heller, Natural Resource Governance Institute
Catherine McDonald, Social Sustainability Services Pty Ltd
Senia Nhamo, UNU-WIDER
Ruth Greenspan Bell, Woodrow Wilson International Center
Kathryn McPhail, Independent Adviser
Anton Löf, Snl Financial Sweden AB
Olle Östensson, Caromb Consulting
Malik Iddrisu, UNU-WIDER
Paul Stevens, Royal Institute of International Affairs
Holger Grundel, DFID
Jeffery Round, University of Warwick
James Cust, Natural Resource Governance Institute
Mahamudu Bawumia, Central University College
Sheila Agyemang, UNU-WIDER
Robert Hodge, Queen's University
Liesel Flgueiras, Vale
Neil McCulloch, Oxford Policy Management
Hernan Araneda, Fundación Chile
Lasse Djahlin, IFC
Dede Adzovi, UNU-WIDER
Evelyn Dietsche, Dietsche Policy Analysis Ltd.
Tony Addison, UNU-WIDER
Benjamin Anang, UNU-WIDER
Kathryn Tomlinson, Independent Consultant
Mark Beare, Oxford Policy Management
Anthony Aybunn, Ghana Minerals Commission, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
Thorunn Sigurdardottir, UNU-WIDER
Millicent Awuku, UNU-WIDER
Mark Essex, Independent Consultant
Angel Mondoloka, Abner Bright International Zambia Ltd / DKAM Advisory & Consulting Ltd



The event is part of Managing natural resource wealth project.


Tony Addison, Chief Economist and Deputy Director

Alan Roe, Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow