How much tax can low-income countries raise?

In a world where lower-income countries face financing challenges exacerbated by climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals, and recent global health crises, the question of optimizing tax revenue is more pressing than ever. This panel discussion draws on the latest ICTD policy brief to explore the implications of tax-to-GDP targets proposed in recent studies, including an ambitious IMF paper. Join us as we debate whether these targets are more harmful than helpful and how they can be improved.

Key discussion points
  • Viability of optimistic tax-to-GDP ratio targets in Global South countries
  • Impact of rising debt costs on the ability of these countries to raise taxes
  • Methodological concerns and potential missteps in current tax policy projections
  • Strategies for improving tax capacity building in light of these challenges
  • Giulia Mascagni, Research Director, ICTD (Moderator)
  • Max Gallien, Research Fellow, ICTD
  • Adrienne Lees, Research Officer, ICTD
  • Doris Akol, Senior Economist, IMF Fiscal Affairs Department
  • Bernard Baimwera, Dean of Studies, Kenya School of Revenue Administration
  • Kyle McNabb, Research Associate, ODI
  • Modeste Fatoing Mopa, Unit Chief, IMF
  • Amina Ebrahim, Research Fellow, UNU-WIDER

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