Industrial policy and structural transformation of Uganda lecture series

Beyond Manufacturing: Structural Change in Africa Reconsidered - by John Page
On 21 September the International Growth Centre (ICG) partnered with the Bank of Uganda and UNU-WIDER Non-Resident Researcher, John Page, to present the final lecture in a three-part series on growth and development in Uganda.

The event, held in Kampala, Uganda, on 21 September, was the third in the series of lectures aimed at bringing together scholars, policy makers, leaders of industry, together with the public to discuss the contemporary trends, issues, and solutions that may be critical for both Ugandan and African sustainable and equitable growth and development

John Page presented ‘Beyond Manufacturing: Structural Change in Africa Reconsidered’, showcasing research and policy recommendations from the UNU-WIDER book, Industries without Smokestacks: Industrialization in Africa Reconsidered, being published by Oxford University Press on 1 November 2018 (full open access).