Introduction to Spatial Data Using QGIS

On 14 -16 November 2023, SA-TIED will to host a comprehensive training workshop on the "Introduction to Spatial Data Using QGIS” at Statistics South Africa. The training is tailored for SA-TIED programme partners and will be delivered by Dr. Bruno Morando who will guide participants through the use of spatial data— a form of information with a geographical component that leverages object locations to generate invaluable insights.

Spatial data, broadly defined, encompasses information such as the road network in a given country/municipality, population density grids, or the location of crucial infrastructure like hospitals, schools, and other facilities. Increasingly vital in economic applications and policymaking, spatial data is often accessible for free. Participants will gain insights on spatial applications, from road networks to population density grids, and witness the increasing role of spatial data in shaping economic strategies. The workshop is designed for all levels of expertise.


Agenda (14-16 November 2023)

08:30-09:00  - Registration  

09:00-10:40  - Lecture 1

10:40-11:00  - Coffee break

11:00-12:40  - Practical 1

12:40-14:00  - Lunch  

14:00-15:15  - Lecture 2

15:15-15:30  - Coffee break

15:30-16:30  - Practical 2