Kunal Sen delivers lecture on COVID-19 and livelihoods in the Global South

CESS-DGS Special Lecture Series on Development Themes

Kunal Sen delivers lecture in CESS-DGS special series

On Thursday 28 October at 15:00 (UCT+5:30) UNU-WIDER Director Kunal Sen joins the CESS-DGS Special Lecture Series on Development Themes. 

The lecture will draw from UNU-WIDER research on COVID-19, and in particular, from the project Transforming Informal Work and Livelihoods, and the WIDER Working Papers on global poverty and macroeconomic implications of COVID-19. The lecture will assess what we know about the implications of the pandemic for global poverty. It will present new evidence on the impact of the pandemic on the livelihoods of the poor in the Global South, with a focus on India. It will present a typology of policy responses to COVID-19 and discuss the relevance of the typology for India. 

Professor R Radhakrishna, Chairman of CESS acts as chair, with Professor E Ravathi, Director of CESS.

Details for joining the event available on the event poster here.