Launch of UGAMOD

A tax-benefit microsimulation model for Uganda

Launch of UGAMOD - a tax-benefit microsimulation model for Uganda

This event will introduce policy makers, researchers, and practitioners to UGAMOD, a new tax-benefit microsimulation model, which has been developed under the UNU-WIDER SOUTHMOD project, in collaboration with the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Makerere University, and Southern African Social Policy Research Institute (SASPRI). UGAMOD allows users to analyse and compare the effects of different benefit policy scenarios on poverty, inequality, and government revenues.

The purpose of this event is to highlight what kind of analyses can be done using UGAMOD and to promote its use within government for evidence-based policy-making and within the research community.  

This activity is part of a larger collaboration between UNU-WIDER and URA that also encompasses the use of URA’s administrative tax data for research to inform policy makers. Both the research and model building activities are carried out in partnership between the different institutions with a focus on capacity building. The work is driven by URA’s research interests and needs.

Please see the presentation given by Milly Nalukwago at the WIDER Development Conference on 14 September 2018 for more information on the collaboration with URA: /parallel-session/taxation-data-and-development