Looking ahead to COP27: from climate pledges to action

Roundtable discussion

The global gas markets are currently under extreme stress. The worldwide energy transition is happening, but at a pace that is too slow to limit climate change within an acceptable outcome.

UNU-WIDER in association with EnergyCC is convening a roundtable discussion for selected experts in the oil and gas sector on 14 September 2022 at 15:00 (UTC+3). The aim of the meeting, titled Looking ahead to COP27: from climate pledges to action, is to discuss how best to achieve the Global Methane Pledge (GMP) and other goals, with a focus on the developing world. The recommendations from the meeting will feed into the preparations for upcoming the IMF/World Bank annual meetings and COP27.

The online meeting is chaired by Tony Addison, Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER. Participants include industry and government representatives, members of the international/regional communities, NGOs, as well as bilateral agencies.  

The meeting is by invitation only.