Research collaboration on Ugandan administrative tax data

2nd work-in-progress workshop

UNU-WIDER organized a two-day work-in-progress workshop jointly with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). The workshop was an internal meeting with collaborators contributing to research activities in Uganda related to increasing the use of the tax authorities’ administrative data for research purposes and tax-benefit microsimulation.

The audience covered around twelve participants, including URA researchers and staff, UNU-WIDER researchers, a researcher from the VATT Institute for Economic Research, and a researcher from the University of Makerere.

In the workshop the ongoing research work was discussed among the entire research group. The participants updated each other on the progress of their respective research projects on presumptive taxpayers, PAYE payers and tax payments of multinational enterprises, learned about the topics and methods employed by their colleagues, and discussed challenges and solutions with their colleagues and UNU-WIDER staff. The new research projects on excise duties, personal income tax (PIT) and tax optimization were also discussed.