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Shreya Bhattacharya on the effect of inter caste networks on well-being

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On 7 November, Shreya Bhattacharya, PhD Candidate, University of Houston, will present her research.

Abstract - The effect of inter caste networks on well-being

Interactions within neighbourhoods have been shown to influence both short run and long run social indicators. Moreover, there is evidence to show that mixing between different groups allows for less hostile attitudes towards other groups.

I propose to understand the effect of ingroup and outgroup contact on attitudes towards trust and discrimination. I use data collected from a survey of 823 adults at two slum relocation sites in the city of Pune, India, where slum dwellers from different parts of the city were assigned housing randomly within buildings in the relocation sites.  I propose to exploit the variation in neighbour composition arising from this random housing assignment to identify the causal effect of living next to a neighbour belonging to a different social group on attitudes.

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