Third training on MOZMOD

A tax-benefit microsimulation model for Mozambique

This is the third training event on the MOZMOD model. In this training course, organized by UNU-WIDER, the Southern African Social Policy Research Institute (SASPRI), Ministry of Economics and Finance, Mozambique, and ILO Mozambique, members of the Government of Mozambique were walked through the model introducing the recent updates made.

MOZMOD has been updated and launched at an event to promote its use within the Government for evidence-based policymaking as well as to provide an overview of the model.

The training was a hands-on workshop where, besides introducing participants how to use the model, several exercises and examples were used. Participants learned how to navigate and interpret the MOZMOD user interface; how to run MOZMOD; how to build and implement a basic policy reform; and how to interpret the results using Statistics Presenter. The group also participated in the implementation of a tax and benefit system in 2019, using its expertise on the various policies included in the model.


UNU-Wider-PMOZMOD - Presentation and training eventresentationofMOZMOD81

Photo: Joe Miserendino SOUTHMOD – simulating tax and benefit policies for development

Theme: Inclusion

Taxation Social protection Income distribution
Policy seminar
Mozmod presentation 2019 Presentation of MOZMOD – a tax-benefit microsimulation model for Mozambique
3 July 2019
Ministry of Economic and Finance, Julius Nyerere Avenue, Maputo, Mozambique
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MOZMOD presentation MOZMOD presentation makes national news
MOZMOD – simulating tax and benefit policies for development in Mozambique

MOZMOD model is freely accessible for non-commercial research use. You may request access to the model here . MOZMOD, the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Mozambique, is a highly versatile yet easy to use tool for policymakers and researchers...