Project workshop - Towards gender equity in development

3-4 February 2017, Namur, Belgium

Towards gender equity in development

An international group of senior researchers will come together at the ‘Towards gender equity in development’ workshop on 3-4 February 2017 to present work stemming from the ongoing project on gender and development

Fifteen papers will be presented over the two days, touching on a wide range of gender-related topics from around the world, including migration and domestic violence in Turkey, marital practices in Senegal and Congo, community driven development programmes in Liberia, interaction of caste and gender in India, and interventions to reduce teenage pregnancy in Tanzania. The aim of the workshop is to provide a platform for further discussion as authors prepare final drafts for inclusion in a book to be edited by Siwan Anderson, Lori Beaman, and Jean-Philippe Platteau

The workshop will take place at the University of Namur, UNU-WIDER’s partner on the project. 


Siwan Anderson Excess female mortality in Africa | Slides | Video
Ghazala Mansuri Nudges and norms: Peer networks as a platform for encouraging pro-social investment in preventive health care products | Slides | Video
Roberta Ziparo The (in)efficiency of intra-household bargaining in poor countries
Selim Gulesci Forced migration and attitudes towards domestic violence: Evidence from Turkey | Slides | Video
Jocelyn Viterna Reforming legal institutions for gender equitable development: The case of El Salvador | Slides | Video
Vincent Somville Reducing early prenancy in low income countries: A literature review and new evidence | Slides | Video
Martina Viarengo Career dynamics and gender gaps among employees in the microfinance sector |  Slides
John Bowen Gender, Islam, law
Jean-Philippe Platteau Eradicating women-hurting customs: What role for social engineering? |  Slides | Video
James Fearon Why are women more effective at public goods provision when they work in women groups? | Slides | Video
Paola Villar Marital trajectories and women's well-being in Senegal | Slides | Video
Vijayendra Rao Are caste categories misleading? The relationship between gender and jati in three Indian states | Slides | Video

About the project

Substantial progress toward gender equality and women’s empowerment has occurred over the past four decades, but key gaps, both in opportunity and capability, persist between males and females in all countries. This project focuses on generating high-quality, high-impact economic research on a set of core issues in gender and development. Read more