Towards an inclusive economy — How do we support job creation and reduce inequalities in South Africa?

Panel discussion

Topic: How do we support job creation and reduce inequalities in South Africa?

SA-TIED panel discussionSouth Africa has one of the highest rates of formal sector unemployment of middle-income countries in the world. The problem is particularly acute for young people looking to enter the labour market. What has been called a jobs crisis is also intricately linked to South Africa’s high and persistent levels of inequality. Recent studies have shown that South Africa’s inequality persists even after the government redistributes more income than any other middle-income country in the world. Solving inequality might require more than large social transfers, it may also require that those who start with less are able to earn more over their lifetime. That requires strong and inclusive economic and employment growth. What do we know about how to make that happen?

SA-TIED panel discussionSouth Africa has introduced a national minimum wage and has ambitious national development goals that include major public investments in education. South Africa is also experimenting with a range of active labour market policies to boost employment and enterprise development, such as tax exemptions for small businesses and subsidies to companies that expand their payrolls or hire young people. Are these policies working and will they be enough? Come find out what our informed panellists have to say on these important questions.

Facilitator: Nikiwe Bikitsha

Lead DiscussantCarol Newman - SA-TIED Senior Researcher, Trinity College Dublin 


Sipho Pityana — President, BUSA

Zingiswa Losi — President, COSATU

Rudi Dicks — Outcome Facilitator for Employment and Inclusive Growth, DPME