Training course on SOUTHMOD

Simulating tax and benefit policies for development

Training course for SOUTHMOD model building

UNU-WIDER, SASPRI, and EUROMOD team co-arranged a training course on building tax-benefit microsimulation models for researchers and data experts engaged in the new SOUTHMOD - Simulating tax and benefit policies for development project that aims to build new microsimulation models for a number of developing countries. The training was arranged on 29 February - 4 March 2016 in Benoni, South Africa. 

While microsimulation models are routinely used by researchers and policy makers in developed countries, few developing countries have access to such tools. The aim of SOUTHMOD project is to build tax-benefit microsimulation models for a selection of developing countries in Africa (Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia) and also elsewhere (Ecuador and Vietnam). Compiled together, the models will form a joint platform of microsimulation models, collectively referred to as SOUTHMOD. The models can be used for analysing the impacts of different tax and benefit policy scenarios.

The models developed in the SOUTHMOD project are constructed using the EUROMOD platform, which is a special tax-benefit microsimulation model that brings twenty-eight European countries under a common framework. 

Training course participants