UNU-WIDER at the American Economic Association's Annual Meeting

Trade and development issues in India

UNU-WIDER at the American Economic Association's Annual Meeting

Research from the Women's work – routes to economic and social empowerment project is presented at one of the largest annual gatherings of leading economists in the world. The American Economic Association's Annual Meeting is held in New Orleans this year. New research on how the gender of owners' of informal sector firms affects productivity in India's economy will be shared in a paper session on Friday

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Trade and Development Issues in India - Paper Session

Does the Gender of the Owner Affect Firm Productivity in India’s Informal Economy?
Ira Gang, Rutgers University 
Rajesh Raj Natarajan, Sikkim University
Kunal Sen, United Nations University-WIDER and University of Manchester
Myeong-Su Yun, Inha University

Read the abstract and access the WIDER Working Paper

Immigration and Trade: Skilled versus Unskilled Migration and Corruption
Kusum Mundra, Rutgers University 
Tianhao Liu, Rutgers University

Resilience of the Group Lending Model to a COVID-19 Induced Shock:  Evidence from an Indian Microfinance Fund
Asli Ascioglu, Pace University
Padma Kadiyala, Pace University

How Climate Change Affects the Ganges and Water Pollution by Tanneries in Kanpur
Amitrajeet Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology 
Karima Kourtit, Open University
Peter Nijkamp, Open University