The who, what, and why of UNU-WIDER

UN Association of Tampere visit UNU-WIDER

UNA Tampere group The UN Association of Tampere visited UNU-WIDER with a group of members, most of whom were students at the University of Tampere studying world politics, sustainable development, conflicts and peace research.

During their visit they learnt about the work and research undertaken at UNU-WIDER in Helsinki and around the world, and how this links into the work of the UN and the SDGs

  • Antti presenting on Data for DevelopmentWelcome and Introduction to UNU-WIDER - Jacob Lorentzen, Programme Associate
  • Knowledge mobilization and impact – the role of communications - Ruby Richardson, Communications Team Assistant
  • Data for Development - Antti Pelanteri, Economics Database Administrator
  • Tax for Development - Maria Jouste, Research Assistant