WIDER Annual Lecture 4 - Globalization and Appropriate Governance

Globalization has come in for indiscriminate attack from critics who do not distinguish between different types of globalization (e.g. freer trade, freer capital flows, freer direct investment, and freer immigration) or between very different but often-confused questions such as: is globalization bypassing the poor or is it actually harming them.

Arguing that, in the main, globalization has a human face, the lecture will then focus on Appropriate Governance: i.e. devising domestic and international institutional policy frameworks to offset the downsides that define the few warts on that human face.

Professor Jagdish Bhagwati

Jagdish Bhagwati is the Arthur Lehman Professor of Economics and of Political Science at Columbia University and the Andre Meyer Senior Fellow in International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations, New York. He was Ford International Profesor of Economics at MIT and served as the Economic Policy Adviser to the Director General of GATT (1991-93). 

Professor Bhagwati is a leading economist, best known for contributions to the theory of international trade policy. He also writes frequently on public policy in leading newspapers and magazines. He has receieved many Honorary Degrees and Prizes, among them the Bernhard Harms Prize (Germany), the Freedom Prize (Switzerland), the Seidman Distinguished Award for Political Economy (USA) and the Mahalanobis Memorial Medal (India).

Annual Lecture
Globalization and Appropriate Governance

In this thought-provoking lecture, Professor Bhagwati presents us quite a different perspective on globalization than what we get in the polarized debates in the media between its proponents and opponents...

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