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Selim Gulesci on tenancy contracts in agriculture

WIDER Seminar Series

At the 1 November seminar, Selim Gulesci will present results on tenancy contracts in agriculture. 

Abstract – Moral hazard: Experimental evidence from tenancy contract

This paper reports results from a field experiment designed to estimate the effects of tenancy contracts on agricultural input choices, risk-taking, and output. The experiment induced exogenous variation in the terms of sharecropping contracts: some tenants pay 50% of output in compensation for the land; others pay only 25%; a third group pays 50% of output and receives cash, either fixed or stochastic. We find that tenants who keep a higher output share increase input usage and cultivate riskier crops. Their output increases by 60% relative to control. No such effect is found in the cash group. We interpret the increase in output as the incentive effect of tenancy contracts.

WIDER Seminar Series

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