Workshop on Institutional legacies of violent conflict

Project workshop

The UNU-WIDER project Institutional Legacies of Violent Conflict holds a workshop in Helsinki on May 12-13, 2022. 

The workshop brings together around 40 experts working in conflict analysis, peacebuilding, and related fields to present working papers they are currently completing as part of the project. The meeting is an opportunity for the project contributors to share, receive comments on, discuss, and debate their work in progress.

The two-day workshop includes six thematic sessions: Legacies of the Second World War, Peacebuilding and economic recovery, Democracy and social movements, Socio-political legacies, Armed groups, and Long-term effects.

The UNU-WIDER project Institutional Legacies of Violent Conflict seeks to increase understanding among policymakers, academics and practitioners of how institutional dynamics that develop during violent conflicts shape state-building and economic development trajectories in the long run.

Workshop programme

See a list of collaborating researchers and research paper topics here.