UNU-WIDER's World Income Inequality Database research project holds a virtual workshop that brings together researchers selected under the project's open call for research proposals. The selected papers fulfill a project aim to improve understanding of inequality —how it varies, why it varies, and what the implications of this might be— and to offer new frameworks that provide insight into how to address inequality.

The selected authors present first drafts of their working papers and receive feedback from a discussant and other invited experts. The seven papers selected from the open call represent outstanding contributions to the field of inequality studies that use the World Income Inequality Database in a novel way to advance the knowledge frontier. They were selected from more than 250 proposals. All papers are forthcoming in the WIDER Working Paper Series

Forthcoming papers 
Inequality and productive structure: new evidence at the world
Verónica Amarante, Bibiana Lanzilotta, and Joaquín Torres
Growth and inequality convergence: the role of environmentally related
impacts on human capital
Angela Cindy Emefa Mensah and Edward B. Barbier
Inequality configurations Leticia Barbabela, Miquel Pellicer, and Eva Wegner
Elite inequalities: An international comparison Paul Segal and Michail Moatsos
Trust in institutions and the profile of inequality Domenico Moramarco and Flaviana Palmisano
International migration and income inequality Nicola Daniele Coniglio, Vitorocco Peragine, and Davide Vurchio
Natural disasters and economic inequality: Insights from wildfires across the globe Jayash Paudel