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Researchers from the Inclusive Growth in Mozambique programme interviewed in Dimensions magazine

UNU-WIDER research fellow Vincenzo Salvucci, and Finório Castigo, a specialist from the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Mozambique, were interviewed by Dimensions magazine on multidimensional poverty measurement. The article was published in November 2018, and tells how Mozambique has became the first African country to have an official multidimensional poverty index (MPI).

The MPI for Mozambique, launched in 2017, has the main goal of complementing the existing measures of monetary poverty and obtaining more comprehensive information about poverty in order to implement more efficient public policies. The national MPI for Mozambique includes dimensions of the global MPI, but it also utilizes country-specific indicators available from the most recent household budget survey.

According to the national index, 53% of Mozambicans are still multidimensionally poor and there is a large difference between these percentages in rural (70%) and urban (17%) areas. ‘This index will become one of the most important standards for determining the amount of transfers from the central government to the provinces and districts’, Salvucci says in the article.

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Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network, Dimensions Magazine, 2 November 2018: Mozambique: First African Country with an Official National MPI

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