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SOUTHMOD Cash Plus dissemination event in the Zambian media

The Minister of the Community Development and Social Services in Zambia, Mrs Doreen Mwamba opened the Cash Plus dissemination event on 5 October 2021 in Lusaka. The event, organized by Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis & Research (ZIPAR) and UNU-WIDER, introduced findings of a report simulating potential reform in the Zambian social protection system. The event was highlighted in several Zambian media outlets.

UNU-WIDER's SOUTHMOD team prepared the study in collaboration with  Southern African Social Policy Research Insights (SASPRI), Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR), and International Labour Organization (ILO).

The dissemination event gathered personnel from different ministries in Zambia such as the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services and Ministry of Labour, other stakeholders, and researchers to discuss the final report and the Policy Brief summarizing the main findings. The team working outside Zambia took part in the event virtually.

In the dissemination event the research team shared findings on the coverage and poverty impact of the existing Social Cash Transfer (SCT) programme in Zambia, focusing on the Cash Plus policies reform initiated in 2019. The purpose of the study and the event was to support the technical committee and the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) in evidence-based policy making.

The dissemination event was covered in the Zambian tv and radio channels, and in the Times of Zambia newspaper (see the image). In the newspaper article Ms Mwamba says that following the recommendations of the study 'This approach is in line with the New Dawn Government's focus on social protection programme implementation and service delivery to achieve the most optimal benefit from investment'.