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UNU-WIDER research on global profit shifting gains media attention

The Working Paper Global profit shifting, 1975–2019 revealing a remarkable increase in profit shifting during the last five decades. The study has been highlighted by several media outlets.

The study was published on 3 November 2022 along with a press release.

The working paper provides the first comprehensive look at the historical dynamics of profit shifting. The results reveal that several years after major policy initiatives from the OECD and corporate tax reform in the United States, global profit shifting continued to increase, with close to USD 1 trillion shifted to tax havens in 2019. Globally, 10% of corporate tax revenues are lost as a result. 

The results of the study have been mentioned in over 10 different media outlets or blogs from at least 5 different countries. These include articles published by the International Tax Review, Tax Justice Network, and the development blog of the Finnish Foreign Ministry Kehitys-Salminen

In addition to these pieces, the authors of the paper Ludvig Wier and Gabriel Zucmann, have written two opinion pieces based on findings in the paper published on VoxEU and The Conversation US.