Breaking barriers, building economies: women in economic policy

South Africa's Women's Day is 9 August. It is a time to honour women's extraordinary courage and resilience in the struggle for equality and freedom. During this month, South Africa celebrates the remarkable contributions of women across various facets of life. However, it's also a poignant reminder of the persistent challenges. Despite progress, women must still be represented in the country's crucial economic and economic policy roles. This disparity hampers inclusive decision-making, emphasizing the need to break barriers and empower women to shape our economic future.

The "Breaking Barriers, Building Economies: Women in Economic Policy" campaign by SA-TIED seeks to celebrate the accomplishments of women within the SA-TIED programme.

Discover our contributors' incredible stories and insights by reading their blogs and interviews below. The featured women are making a difference in economics and economic policy, and their unique perspectives and experiences shed light on the path to a more inclusive and equitable economic landscape.

  1. Celebrating gender diversity and leading with impact – Mamiky Leolo
  2. Georgina Ryan: Paving the path in economic policy and inclusivity – Georgina Ryan
  3. Carol Newman's journey in economics and advocacy for gender diversity – Carol Newman