Researchers from the Inclusive Growth in Mozambique programme contribute to the book Challenges of Mozambique 2018

The Institute for Social and Economic Studies (IESE) launched the ninth edition of the book Desafios para Moçambique 2018 (Challenges of Mozambique 2018) on 8 November 2018 in Maputo, Mozambique.

The book has 18 chapters divided into four parts: Politics, Economy, Society, and Mozambique in the World. One of the chapters, ‘Evolução da Pobreza e Bem-Estar em Moçambique 1996/97-2014/15’ (Evolution of Poverty and Wellbeing in Mozambique 1996/97-2014/15) is from the Inclusive Growth in Mozambique programme.

The article is part of the programme’s aim of strengthening the capacity of the Mozambican research partners.

See additional information about the book here

Download the article (in Portuguese): Evolução da Pobreza e Bem-Estar em Moçambique 1996/97-2014/15