Statement on the situation in Ukraine

UNU-WIDER stands with the people of Ukraine. 

The unprovoked and unacceptable Russian military offensive of Ukraine is in direct opposition to the UN Charter, and international humanitarian and human rights laws. UNU-WIDER strongly condemns the actions of Russia. 

At the core of the UN’s work is a mission to maintain and promote peace. The actions of Russia, the current president of the UN Security council, blatantly disregard this mission.  

The lives of millions of people have been devastated by the attack. Human rights have been disregarded. The humanitarian costs of this will be immeasurable.

Armed conflicts, no matter the duration, have immense legacies that last for generations. Right now, in Ukraine, children’s right to education has been disrupted, families are desperately trying to flee, numerous lives have already been lost. 

The message from the UN Secretary-General is clear: 'Stop the military operation. Bring the troops back to Russia’. UNU-WIDER stands with the Ukrainian people and joins the international community in demanding peace be immediately restored. 


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