Parallel session
Fragile states and conflict

Fragile states pose continuing challenges for development and peacebuilding, and fragility is a major hurdle in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Considerable international resources are directed to fragile states, but with generally mixed results.

This session draws on past experience with aid to fragile and conflict-affected areas to consider what has worked and could work in supporting post-conflict reconstruction and state-building. Speakers consider multiple cases in comparative perspective, offering evidence from both fieldwork and cross-national analysis.


Sinikukka Saari, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland


David Carment, Carleton University   Presentation | Video
Graciana del Castillo, Ralph Bunche Institute of International Studies   Presentation| Video
Lise Howard, Georgetown University   Presentation | Video
Jessica Piombo, Naval Postgraduate School   Presentation | Video

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