Parallel session
Gender equality: Challenges inside Academia and student perspective

Special event 3 | Room 5: Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 16:00-17:30 (UTC-5)

This session will be in Spanish with English translation available. Led by MÍA UNIANDES, a student group of the Faculty of Economics of UNIANDES, this event will feature a discussion about gender inequality with attendees.


16:00-17:30 (UTC-5)

Laura Soto | Chair

Laura Soto is an Economics and Political Science student at Universidad de Los Andes (UNIANDES). She is the Leader of External Relations of MIA UNIANDES, a group focused on female empowerment working to close gender gaps in the economy. Her areas of interest include economic history and political economy.

Sofía Charry | Presenter

Sofía Charry Tobar Economics student with minor in Sociology and profundization in public policy from Universidad del Rosario. Member of Épicas (Universidad del Rosario feminist collective). Currently, she is the president of Student Council of Faculty of Economics and student representative for the Comitte for Gender Violence and Discrimination at her university.

Juan Felipe Gómez Bossa | Presenter

Juan Felipe Gómez is an Economics and Political Sciencie student at Universidad de Los Andes (UNIANDES). He is a member of MIA UNIANDES and a member of "Diversxs", a project that trains young activists to raise awareness in local and regional society about the situation of the rights of LGBTIQ+ people. His areas of interest include gender violence and development.

María Paula Moreno Mojica | Presenter

María Paula Moreno Mojica is an economics student at National University of Colombia. Member of EconomistaA (feminist collective) and coordinator of Intercambio magazine. Her areas of interest include development, sustainability, economic history and its relation with intersectionality and eco-feminism.