Parallel session
Global inequality

Parallel 7.5 | Room 5: Friday, 7 October 2022, 9:00-10:30 (UTC-5)

The papers in this session discuss levels and trends in global inequality. The papers discuss income inequality using the WIID dataset, how inequality across different dimensions differs in different countries and global land inequality. 


9:00-10:30 (UTC-5)

Carlos ​Gradín | Chair and presenter

Trends in global inequality using a new integrated dataset

Carlos is a Research Fellow at the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER). He is on leave of absence from his previous appointment as professor of applied economics at the University of Vigo. Carlos holds a PhD in economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His main research interest is the study of poverty, inequality and discrimination in both developed and developing countries. He is especially interested in those inequalities that occur between population groups (i.e. by gender, race, or ethnicity). His research deals with enhancing the empirical evidence as well as methodological tools for the measurement and understanding of those issues.

Miquel Pellicer | Presenter

Inequality configurations 
(co-authors: Leticia Barbabela and Eva Wegner)

Miquel Pellicer is Professor of Inequality and Poverty at the Center of Conflict Studies, Marburg University. He holds a PhD in Economics from the European University Institute and has held positions, among others, at the University of Cape Town. His research interests are inequality, political behavior, and development. His articles have appeared in journals such as the Journal of Development Economics, Perspectives on Politics, and Quarterly Journal of Political Science.

Yajna Govind | Presenter

Global land inequality

Yajna Govind is an Assistant Prof (tenure-track) in Economics at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and a research fellow at the World Inequality Lab. She defended her PhD in Economics at Paris School of Economics under the direction of Thomas Piketty. Her research interests are in Inequality & Migration. She is interested in these topics from a post-colonial and global perspective.