Parallel session
Growth, poverty and inequality relationships in Africa

Parallel 1.4 | Room 4: Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 11:00-12:30 (UTC-5)

The session is organized and sponsored jointly with African Economic Research Consortium (AERC). The papers in this session are part of the Growth, Poverty and Inequality Relationships in Africa collaborative research project. Over the last two decades poverty has declined in Africa, but the decline hasn’t been widespread. The number of poor has increased. The papers in this session investigate the growth-poverty-inequality relationships with options for redistributive growth.


11:00-12:30 (UTC-5)

Finn Tarp | Chair and presenter

Sharing prosperity globally and domestically: Benchmark incomes and potential trade-offs 
(co-authors: Laurence S J Roope and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa)

Professor Tarp is a leading international expert on issues of development strategy and foreign aid, with an interest in poverty, income distribution and growth, micro- and macroeconomic policy and modeling, agricultural sector policy and planning, household and enterprise development, and economic adjustment and reform as well as climate change, sustainability and natural resources. He is the former Director of UNU-WIDER from 2009 to 2018 and is also Professor of Development Economics at the University of Copenhagen.

Yusi Ouyang | Presenter

Towards a virtuous spiral between poverty reduction and growth in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Yusi Ouyang is a development economist focusing on Africa and China. She explores the interrelationships among poverty, growth, and inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa using aggregated macro data. She also studies the well-being of disadvantaged groups in China using household survey data.

Germano Mwabu | Presenter

Poverty, growth, redistribution, and social inclusion in times of COVID-19 pandemic in Africa

Germano Mwabu is professor of economics at the University of Nairobi. His areas of specialization include development economics, health economics, microeconometrics and analysis of poverty and inequality. He is a Kenyan national and a member of the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) network.