9:00-10:30 (UTC-5)

Lucas Marín Llanes | Chair and presenter

Land restitution and selective violence: Evidence from Colombia
(co-authors: Maria Alejandra Vélez and Mauricio Velásquez)

Lucas Marín is an Economist from Universidad de Los Andes and predoctoral fellow of The Center of Security and Drugs Studies. He has worked on youth trajectories, including substance use and learning outcomes. His research focuses on the costs of drug policy, alternative approaches to the war on drugs, and conflict dynamics.

Arlen Guarín | Presenter

Reparations as development? Evidence from victims of the Colombian armed conflict 
(co-authors: Juliana Londoño-Vélez and Christian Posso)

Arlen Guarín is a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. His primary interests are in Development and Public Economics, though he also works on topics in Labor Economics and Applied Econometrics. He has a B.A. in Economics and a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Universidad EAFIT. Before coming to Berkeley, he worked at the Applied Microeconomics Research Department of the Central Bank of Colombia.

Marta Juanita Villaveces | Presenter

The promised land: The effects of the land restitution program in Colombia
(co-authors: Francesco Bogliacino and Christian Posso)

Marta Juanita Villaveces is interested in economic history and political economy as a combination of Economics, History and Political Science to find some clues to understand Colombia´s institutional setup, persistence... and outcomes. Her main topic is about land in Colombia (property rights, land reform and the effects of land tenancy in economic and political outcomes). She is also interested in find strategies to teach economic history to her students... who are not so enthusiastic about the past.

Eduard Martínez | Presenter

Eduard Martínez is an Economics PhD student at Universidad de los Andes. His primary interests are Crime Economics, Urban Economics and Public Policy. He's also interested in Applied Econometrics, Big Data, and Machine Learning.