Parallel session
Public health policy, COVID-19, and inequality

CEC 3.1 | Auditorium: Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 16:00-17:30 (UTC-5)

This session will be in Spanish with English translation available. Papers in the session will focus on impacts of COVID-19 and public health policy.


16:00-17:30 (UTC-5)

Lucas Marín | Chair and presenter

Desigualdad en el aprendizaje durante el COVID-19: Evidencia para estudiantes de secundaria en Colombia (Learning inequalities during COVID-19: Evidence from high school students in Colombia)
(co-authors: Mariana Rodríguez Pico, Darío Maldonado, and Sandra García)

Lucas Marín is an Economist from Universidad de Los Andes and predoctoral fellow of The Center of Security and Drugs Studies. He has worked on youth trajectories, including substance use and learning outcomes. His research focuses on the costs of drug policy, alternative approaches to the war on drugs, and conflict dynamics.

Carlos Charris | Presenter

Trade and health: Evidence on trade reform, public health policy, and infant mortality in Brazil
(co-authors: Bladimir Carrillo and Danyelle Branco)

Carlos Charris is  a professor at the departments of Economics and Public Policy of the Universidade Católica de Brasilia. His research focuses on topics in labor economics, health economics, policy evaluation, and applied microeconomics.

Mauricio Salazar-Saenz | Presenter

The COVID-19 pandemic in Latin American and Caribbean countries: The labor supply impact by gender
(co-authors: Mariana Viollaz, Luca Flabbi, Monserrat Bustelo, and Mariano Bosch)

Mauricio Salazar-Saenz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. His research interests are Applied Microeconomics, Labor Markets, Gender Gaps, Time Use, and Marriage Markets.