Technical Note
A 2019 Social Accounting Matrix for South Africa with occupational and capital stock detail

This technical note describes the compilation of a 2019 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for South Africa. SAMs are economy-wide databases that are used together with analytical techniques to strengthen evidence-based policy analysis. This SAM is based on a supply table and a use table for 2019 published by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) and on national accounts available from the South African Reserve Bank.

Disaggregation of wage earnings by industry and occupation is extracted from Stats SA’s labour market dynamics survey data while household income and outlays are disaggregated using the Stats SA 2015 living conditions survey. A disaggregation of capital stock earnings by industry is based on the annual financial statistics survey for the year 2019.

Supplementary material

SASAM 2019 occ & educ for distribution